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– You enter a webpage, and suddenly your window is filled with a
myriad of annoying new little windows, multiplying like amoebas
and cluttering your entire screen. Every time you click on a window
to shut it down five more windows are opened, ultimately making
your computer freeze or even crash.

– You try to read a friends’ webpage located at a free web hotel,
but every time you click on a new link the screen is smothered with
commercials about mortgages, miraculous diet pills and MLM-

– You use a search engine to find information, but when you click
on the top link you are suddenly faced with x-rated pictures and
very graphical commercials for generic Viagra.

Do any of the above scenarios sound familiar? Unfortunately most
of us can answer YES! to that question. While using the web we
are constantly targeted by commercials, and a lot of them come in
the form of intrusive and distracting pop-up windows. They are
however not only annoying, they are also stealing valuable
bandwidth and slowing down our browsing; thus making our time
online less effective. In the long run, these pop-up ads are making
the whole Internet much slower than necessary, costing the users
time as well as money.

Fortunately pop-up ads are not at all an unavoidable part of the
Internet. There are several programs available online that once
installed will block all forms of pop-up ads. These programs are
known by many names, including pop-up blockers, pop-up
stoppers, ad window blockers and pop-up removers. They all work
in a similar way, but are not identical.

Most of them offer you the ability to start of by using the general
settings, and then later customize the program to flawlessly match
you specific needs and preferences. Stopzilla, for example, is a
very user friendly program constructed with the novice user in
mind. Still, it offers you the ability to tailor the program for your self
later when you have become more accustomed to it. Maybe you
would like to have a visual or audible warning every time a pop-up
is detected and blocked? Maybe there are some web pages where
you wish to allow pop-ups? Other programs, like the Pop-Up
Stopper Professional, have even more settings to choose from for
the more advanced user.

The good thing about most pop-up blockers is that you can usually
set the program on “auto enable”, which means that the pop-up
blocker will start whenever the computer is started. You don’t have
to worry about remembering to turn it on; it will always work in the
background, protecting you while you’re online.

Before choosing a pop-up blocker make sure that it is of high
quality in order to get the most out of you time online. A good pop-
up blocker should be able to stop any undesired window that tries
to open automatically, regardless to whether it is a pop-up or pop-
under ad. It should also be able to block the kind of ads that open
up after a page is loaded, or when you leave a site or close your

In addition to this, a good pop-up blocker should have a user
friendly interface that is easy to manage, and give you the
opportunity to customize the settings. Based on you individual
settings, a good pop-up blocker should be able to decide whether
a launching window is good or bad. A good pop-up blocker can
block ads and other undesired windows without interfering with
your normal browsing.

Stop wasting your time on intrusive and offensive pop-ups and
install a pop-up blocker today!

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